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Saving Our Customers money by cutting heating and cooling costs

Green Energy Solutions 

Providing new Technologies in Energy Efficiency

Proudly serving Western Washington for over 10 Years.

Locally owned and operated by Veterans you will find us both on-time and detailed in our work. We take great pride in our vast knowledge within our Industry, helping our customers in having a healthy and efficient home for years to come.


Here are the types of products in most homes.


Roxul: Non toxic rock wool insulation that is sound deadening and free from most chemicals. Stops rodents. Naturally resistant to moisture. Gray or

brown in color. Very course. R3.7 per Inch.

Fiberglass blow in: Great for walls and other sealed cavities. but packs down over time. Several dangerous chemicals are present. Some are very toxic. Absorbs moisture, must be sealed from the environment. R 3.7 per inch.

Cellulose Blow in: Used by your local utility, lots of chemicals in this stuff. Settles quickly. Easily contaminated. Absorbs moisture, must be sealed from the environment. Absolutely the worst Insulation. Looks like shredded newspaper. R 3.6 per inch.

Fiberglass Blanket: Good quality economical Attic and Floor insulation. Toxic chemicals present, must be sealed.

Liquid Foam: 2-3 times the cost of other insulations. Used for walls. Soy based is safest. Will crack over time and lose trapped air / efficiency. Most is Soy or Corn based which is a food source for Rodents. R3.7 per inch. ( rigid polyurethane foam R6 per inch). 

Green Energy Barrier: This is the newest product and highly recommended. Excellent for retaining heat in the winter and keeping heat out in the summer. Great way to finish off your insulation and keep it clean . Will extend the life of your insulation by decades and keep toxins out of your home. Stops rodents and insects. Resists mold. Requires no maintenance.

There are several Programs to help pay for the upgrading of your Home. Some are based on your Energy score and not your Income.

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A cool, efficient and well ventilated attic and crawl space will help prevent mold and mildew in the future, lowering your bill too.

A Green, efficient and healthy home will out-sell others. Your home will sell faster and for more money.

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Contact us today. 253-307-8980